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Ultraclear ABI Potassium Permanganate Solution 16 OZ

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ABI Potassium Permanganate Solution

ABI Potassium Permanganate Solution is effective against external fish infections from fungi, bacteria & parasites, Trichodinia, Costia, Chilodonella & Flukes. It is also an effective solution for improving water quality & clarity by clearing cloudy water of organics. The Potassium Permanganate Solution is a strong oxidizer. One bottle (16 oz) treats a 6000 gallon pond. It is formulated for 2 ppm based on using a 16 ounce bottle in 6000 gallons.

Read label before using.
  • Bottle contains Potassium Permanganate Solution.
  • Not for use on fish intended for human consumption.
  • Safe for most live plants and ornamental pond fish. Research specific plant before using Potassium Permanganate Solution.
  • Use required eye protection.
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Seek medical treatment if ingested or severe irritation with skin. Product heavily stains.
  • Do not ingest. Flush with water for skin or eye contact.

Directions: Treat before noon. Increase circulation & aeration. Mix well in gallon pail of water. Disperse evenly around pond with extra water agitation. Use protective gloves.

Water Clarity Dose (2 ppm):
  • Dose @ 2 ppm Pot. Perm. Solution
  • Use 1 oz. per 375 gallons pond water
  • Use 8 oz. per 3000 gallons pond water
  • Use half strength for maintenance.

Parasite & Bacterial Dose (4 ppm):
  • Use double the above dose @ 4 ppm Potassium Permanganate Solution.
  • Repeat treatment every 3-4 days if needed for parasites.

Water should hold pink hue for at least 6 hours. Repeat dose if pink color disappears within 45 minutes. Repeat with half dose (1 ppm) if pink color disappears after 1-2 hours. By-Pass Bio Filter when using 3-4 ppm dose.

Caution: STOP active treatment immediately if fish show signs of extreme discomfort such as jumping or gasping for air. Product should be neutralized (see below) if it remains active for 8 hours. DO NOT OVERDOSE!

How to neutralize: Use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to immediately neutralize (deactivate). Dose: 2 tbsp per 100 gallons (1 cup per 500 gal). Wait 4 days after neutralizing before treating again with Potassium Permanganate Solution. Do not use with any other treatments including water conditioners, dechlorinators, formalin, formaldehyde & medications.

General: Safe for most plants except hyacinths. Use one teaspoon per 5 gallons water for up to one hour for plant dip. Product may be harmful to snails. May stain porous materials.