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Nymphaea 'DETECTIVE ERICA' Hardy Waterlily
Nymphaea 'DETECTIVE ERICA'  Hardy Waterlily
Nymphaea 'DETECTIVE ERICA' Hardy Waterlily

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Nymphaea 'DETECTIVE ERICA' Hardy Waterlily


Hardy-tropical waterlily hybrid. Winter hardy.
Detective Erika is a result of a cross between a hardy water lily and a tropical purple waterlily. It is itself WINTER HARDY .... however one of the characteristics of this and other crosses where one parent plant was a Tropical waterlily is that they do not come out of dormancy until the water is very warm in the spring, in the low to mid 70s at root level.

Detective Erika looks similar to a tropical purple lily, and does not suffer from hooded petals or a leggy growing pattern as we have seen in other hardy purple varieties. Detective Erika's flower petals are drenched in vivid-purple color with golden-yellow centers. Flower petals contrast the dark-green leaves beautifully! Detective Erika Purple Waterlily is one of the loveliest purples we've seen!