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Nualgi Ponds 125 ml
Nualgi Ponds 125 ml
Nualgi Ponds 125 ml

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Nualgi Ponds 125 ml

I ml of Nualgi is applied to 1000 gallons of water once a week. Shake the bottle well before dosing. Dose early at sunrise when diatoms are most active.
Application Process:
Dose the appropriate dose directly into the filter.
Nualgi has been tested to be non-toxic as per APHA (2012) and OECD (1992)
Nualgi has no impact on humans and is even safe if small amounts are consumed accidentally. Overdosing will cause excess
diatoms and water will turn brown.
Side Effects:
Nualgi has no side effects when dosed in water. Beneficial bacteria, zooplankton and fish grow in a healthy manner in ponds

An innovative approach to improving pond balance, Nualgi Ponds™ is built on a nano silica base with our patented formula of 12 essential elements that safely help restore the natural balance, improve water quality and control nuisance algae.

Engineered specifically to benefit the health of your aquatic plants and fish, Nualgi Ponds™ is easy to use, efficient, and yields rapid results.