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MUSHER’S SECRET Paw Protector for Dogs 200 grams
MUSHER’S SECRET Paw Protector for Dogs 200 grams
MUSHER’S SECRET Paw Protector for Dogs 200 grams

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MUSHER’S SECRET Paw Protector for Dogs 200 grams

Made from 100% natural waxes for all season paw protection!

Manufacturer’s Statement:
We as the manufacturer of “MUSHER’S SECRET” confirm that our product
  • DOES NOT contain any Soy or Flax Oil. MUSHER’S SECRET is a blend of 100% pure natural waxes (including White and Yellow Beeswax, Carnauba, and Candelilla Wax) and White & vegetable oils with vitamin E. Dilmont Inc. Preservo Products Inc

Protect your dog from:
  • Salt Residue and Ice Melt
  • Ice build-up
  • Snowballing
  • Sand and sandburn
  • Hot pavement
  • Rough terrain
  • Chemicals such as pesticides, lawn fertilizers etc

How often should you use Musher's Secret?
We suggest 2-3 times a week. In snowy weather be sure to spread up in between the pads to prevent snowballing

Is it okay if my dog licks his paws after I apply Mushers?
Absolutely, dogs like the taste, and ingredients are 100% Natural and Non-Toxic. We usually apply just before we go out.

What happens if my dog eats Musher's secret?
Due to the richness of the natural waxes you might see a mild laxative effect, other than that Musher’s will NOT harm your pet if he or she consumes it.

Will Musher's stain my cloths or carpet?

No. Mushers is absorbed into the pads and will not leave stains on your carpets or furniture. Pet owners having this issue are applying too much.

Is Musher's secret just for winter?
Definitely not. Mushers protects from hot pavement and sand as well as any irritants your pet may walk through. We have many customers in hot weather climates. Musher’s is used on the boarder patrol dogs in Texas, the Big Cats at the Dallas Zoo, and the Military K9’s to name a few.