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Kordon Pond AmQuel Water Conditioner 1 gallon
Kordon Pond AmQuel Water Conditioner  1 gallon
Kordon Pond AmQuel Water Conditioner 1 gallon

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Kordon Pond AmQuel Water Conditioner 1 gallon

AmQuel quickly and effectively detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramines (three of the most toxic chemicals commonly found in aquatic systems) from freshwater and salt water. AmQuel is the first to be a true one-step liquid ammonia and chloramine remover that is simple to use. AmQuel is completely unlike dechlorinators which claim to "remove" chloramines. These products only break the chlorine-ammonia bond of chloramines by simple dechlorination, leaving the ammonia in the water. The resulting ammonia must be removed by bacterial action which can take days or weeks or by adsorption on granular or powdered zeolites (clinoptilolites). In addition, AmQuel functions as well in salt water as it does in fresh water; whereas zeolites do not remove ammonia in salt water.

  • A true one-step liquid ammonia control
  • Chlorine and chloramine detoxifier
  • Detoxifies toxic pheromones
  • Detoxofies organic by-products
  • Will not interfere with biological cycles
  • Safe for invertebrates
  • Non-toxic
  • Simple to use
  • The original state-of-the-art ammonia control product
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Kordon AmQuel®, developed over 30 years ago, is the original product that established the state-of-the-art in water conditioning technology regarding ammonia removal.
Compatabilities & Stability
Pond AmQuel is harmless to plants, fishes and invertebrates. This product is safe for use in aquariums and ponds and will not interfere with normal biological filtration. Pond AmQuel is compatible with Pond NovAqua and Pond Fish Protector. Use caution when adding Pond AmQuel to water that has a poor buffer reserve (as indicated by problems maintaining a stable pH). Using Pond AmQuel in these conditions can cause a sudden lowering of pH. To prevent a pH drop, use either AmQuel Plus Buffers.. Pond AmQuel may affect the dyes in certain types of cotton fabrics. This happens for the same reason that Ammonia test kits using the Nessler reagents do not work with Pond AmQuel. These products reduce the coloring agents used in the Nessler reaction test kits, and apparently in a very small selection of cotton based fabrics.
Pond AmQuel is stable indefinitely when stored in a cool, dark area away from heat and direct sunlight. Pond AmQuel must be kept tightly closed when not in use.

Contraindications & Toxicity

Pond AmQuel should not be added to water containing active, therapeutic dosages of chemical dyes such as methylene blue, acriflavine, potassium permanganate or malachite green, since Pond AmQuel will interfere with their proper performance. Combining Pond AmQuel with these dyes will not result in toxic chemical by-products. Pond AmQuel is compatible to use with all water quality test kits except for the ammonia test kit that uses Nessler reagents that read in shades of amber or yellow, and the oxygen kit that uses Winkler reagents. Residual Pond AmQuel and its reaction products are incompatible with the Nessler and Winkler-type test reagents, resulting in false, high ammonia and low oxygen concentration readings. All other types of test kits produce accurate test results, such as ammonia test kits using salicylate-type reagents. Pond AmQuel will temporarily (for approximately 12 hours) lower redox.

Pond AmQuel is non-toxic when used as directed. Over the past twenty years thousands of species of freshwater and marine fishes, invertebrates and plants have been exposed to Pond AmQuel with no toxic effects. It does not reach toxic levels even in cases of accidental or purposeful overdosing. Pond AmQuel is non-toxic to humans and no special precautions are necessary in handling this product.