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Kawaguchi Shoten HI-SILK 21 Silkworm Pupae 6.6 lbs
Kawaguchi Shoten HI-SILK 21 Silkworm Pupae 6.6 lbs
Kawaguchi Shoten HI-SILK 21 Silkworm Pupae 6.6 lbs

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Kawaguchi Shoten HI-SILK 21 Silkworm Pupae 6.6 lbs

Natural food

  • Silkworm pupae is the best natural Koi food.
  • Koi love the taste and smell of silkworm pupae.
  • Koi lovers want to feed nutritiously rich, natural food to their Koi.
  • Silkworms are not only nutritious, but also are Koi’s favorite.
  • Before pellet food was available, silkworm pupae were what Koi breeders fed to their Koi. From their experience, they knew silkworm pupae made Koi grow big and beautiful.

Promote growth
  • Proteins are made up of many different amino acids linked together. The structure of amino acids in silkworm pupae is very similar to that of Koi. So a Koi’s body efficiently converts silkworm pupae and helps it grow big quickly.
  • Freshness of silkworm pupae is key

  • Crude Protein 55.0% or more
  • Crude Fat 26.0% or more
  • Crude Fiber 3.50% or less
  • Crude Ash 5.0% or less
  • Moisture 10.0% or less

Kawaguchi Shoten is the brand to trust
  • Due to the sterilization process, silkworm pupae retain their original form for as long as 10 years. You may be using silkworm pupae as Koi food; but if they are 10 years old, that would not be good for your Koi, of course. Unless you are a professional from the silk industry, it is difficult to judge the freshness of silkworm pupae. So the brand of silkworm pupae you buy is critical.
  • This is why we recommend Silkworm Pupae by Kawaguchi. Kawaguchi Shoten has served the silk industry for more than 100 years. As specialists, they supplied silkworm pupae to Koi breeders and Koi hobbyists in Japan. They assure the quality and freshness of silkworm pupae for our Koi.

How to feed
  • Feed silkworm pupae to your Koi only after water temperature stays at 65 °F or higher
  • Feed them as a treat. Do not use them as staple food
  • You may soak silkworm pupae in warm water for a few hours. The softer that silkworm pupae are, the easier they are to digest and prevent overeating

  • Once you open the bag, please finish the bag by the end of the season
  • Keep the Koi food bags in a cool, dry place