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Japanese Bred Koi, Shiro Utsuri 6.0 Inches
Japanese Bred Koi, Shiro Utsuri  6.0 Inches
Japanese Bred Koi, Shiro Utsuri 6.0 Inches

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Japanese Bred Koi, Shiro Utsuri 6.0 Inches

  • Sex: Unknown
  • Born in: 2020
  • Color Breed: Black and White, Shiro Utsuri

  • We do not ship fish. All fish are sold through our website for local customers to order in advance and select 'In-Store Pickup"
  • We do our best to maintain optimal fish health and quality.
  • We will provide instructions for you to introduce your fish to your pond.

Proper water quality:
  • ALWAYS use a decholorinator, for the total gallons of your entire pond, before adding water to your pond.
  • ALWAYS monitor your water parameters: KH, pH, Ammonia, Nitrites and Phosphates. Ammonia and Nitrites should be "0". If not, perform partial water change and use Seachem SAFE or Seachem Pond Prime.
  • KH should be kept between 100-150ppm to maintain pH buffering.
  • pH should be 7.0-8.3 for best fish health. If over 8.5, it is very important to keep Ammonia and Nitrites below 0.25.
  • ALWAYS provide proper dissolved oxygen to your fish. Waterfalls do not provide enough dissolved oxygen. Air pumps are the best solution to provide dissolved oxygen.

When Adding FISH to your pond:
  • Do NOT add fish to your pond if you have any fish die without understanding and correcting issues which caused death of fish.
  • Do NOT float* the fish in a bag on the water unless the water they came from is much warmer or much colder than you own pond.
  • Do NOT add fish if your pond water has high Ammonia or Nitrites. Adjust your pH and KH, if necessary, before adding fish.
  • Open the bag your fish came home in, slowly add several cups of YOUR pond water to that bag. Do not leave the fish unattended. This will help the fish acclimate to differences in water pH.
  • After 10 minutes or less*, removed the fish with a net and release to your pond.
    • NEVER pour the bag of water, the fish were transported in, into your pond.

*Temperature difference from our pond to your pond or tank.


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