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Waterlilies thrive placed in full sun and submerged, depending on the plant size.

Planting: Dwarf size plant 6" to 18" of water over the crown.
Full size plant 12" to 24" of water over the crown.

Put your potted lily directly into the pond, or remove it from the pot and plant it in a designated pocket. Don’t worry if the lilies’ leaves are completely submerged; any new growth will find its way to the surface.
Flowers May, June, July, August and September.

Hardiness to Zone 3. Do not let the crowns freeze.
For maximum blooms, fertilize your lilies about once per month from May until September.
Each flower on a waterlily will repeat its bloom cycle – opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon – for three to five days before dying. You’ll know a bloom has run its course when it sinks under the water, at which point you can prune it.

Depending on water temperature, sunlight and fertilizer, most lilies will produce tons of new flowers from May until October.

Trim off the lily’s leaves as they start to die off for the season, eventually pruning the whole plant down to its base. Some people like to “sink” their waterlilies in the deepest part of the pond in the winter, but we have found that most hardy waterlilies manage just fine without being moved.

If necessary, however, rhizomes grown in containers may easily be lifted and overwintered in a cool frost-free root cellar or garage where winter temperatures preferably remain in the 40-45 degree F. range.

Waterlilies produce fewer leaves and flowers when overcrowded. To get the most out of your plant, divide it every couple years.