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HELIX-PS Helix Pond Skimmer
HELIX-PS Helix Pond Skimmer
HELIX-PS Helix Pond Skimmer

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HELIX-PS Helix Pond Skimmer

The Helix Pond Skimmer raises the bar for skimming action. Its innovative design made it a landslide winner of the 2012 Pond Trade Product of the Year Award.

Helix Pond Skimmer Features:
  • Fish friendly design- fish simply swim in and out of the skimmer, no weird door to trap them.
  • 8" x 8" x 8" debris basket
  • Self water leveling- makes for much easier installation
  • For use with submersible or external pumps
  • Overflow compatible
  • Can be outfitted with optional autofill and Matala filter pad
  • Overflow, autofill and Matala pad are not included
  • Faceplate: 12"
  • Floating Weir: 15" circumference
  • Pump Flow: 1,500 GPH - 8,000 GPH
  • Discharge Fitting: 2"
  • Dimensions: 19" W x 18" L x 35" H
  • Weight 23 lbs

Configuration Pump: Connection The Helix is designed to use either a submersible or external pump. In either case, install the supplied 2” bulkhead on the back side of the Helix. Locate this fitting on the flat side of the body. A. For external pumps, place the bulkhead fitting about half way down leaving enough room to install a 2” PVC 90 elbow, a 2” union, and a 2” swing type check valve. B. For submersible pumps, pre-assemble the pump with a 2” union and check valve. Measure the height of the assembly, and then transfer this measurement to locate the bulkhead. You may also want to drill a small hole just below the upper rim of the Helix to route the electrical cord.

Auto-Fill (optional): An optional auto-fill may be installed at the top of the Helix. Locate the water tight fitting on the flat side of the Helix, near the front of the skimmer, and at 3/4” above water level. Once the Helix is installed and operating, you can adjust the water level by loosening the wing nut, and modifying the angle of the float. Attach 1/4” poly tubing to the float valve assembly and to your water source. Note – When installing both and auto-fill and an overflow, these fittings should be installed on opposite sides of the Helix body.

Overflow (optional): An optional overflow is easily installed. Simply locate a 1.5” or 2” bulkhead on the flat side of the top of the Helix. Run a pipe from this fitting a short distance away from the Helix, and attach a PVC 90 elbow to adjust the desired height. Note – When installing both and auto-fill and an overflow, these fittings should be installed on opposite sides of the Helix body.

Installation: Location For best results, the skimmer should be placed on the opposite end from the waterfall. Avoid placing any rocks or plant that may obstruct the flow of water into the skimmer. Using the Helix as a sizing guide, excavate a hole slightly larger than the body. Water level should be 2 to 3 inches below the top rim of the Helix. Ensure that the base is well compacted to prevent subsequent settling of the Helix. Check that the Helix is level from front to back, and from side to side. Trench the pipe lines and connect all the pipe work. Backfill the skimmer and pipe lines, taking care to gently compact the soil as you go along.

Liner Attachment Pull the liner up flush to the front of the Helix. Using an awl or other sharp tool, puncture the liner at each of the predrilled locations of the Helix. Temporally install the stainless hardware for each hole as you move along. Once all the bolts are installed, remove them and apply a bead of 100% silicone to both the Helix body and the liner attachment plate. Carefully align the attachment plate, the liner, and the holes of the Helix as you install the stainless hardware. Note – The nuts should be applied on the inside of the Helix body.

Operation and Maintenance Operation
The Helix skimmer is designed to flow at between 1500 to 8000 gallons per hour. The floating weir is self adjusting to various flow rates. This adjustment may take a few hours to settle in (the float may surge for a short time).

Maintenance: Maintenance consists of periodically clearing the skimmer basket and rinsing the optional Matala filter pad.
  • To do this, turn off your pump.
  • Lift out the floating weir and then the collection basket.
  • Clean the basket. If you have the optional Matala filter pad, you will then also lift out the basket plate.
  • Raise the basket plate slightly from the rear before removal to clear the stainless hardware at the front of the Helix.
  • Remove and rinse out the filter pad.
  • Reverse the process for reassembly.
Note – If you have the optional auto-fill, you will need to loosen the wing nut and raise the float to clear the basket plate prior to removal.

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