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GreenCleanFX Liquid 1 Gallon 3600-1
GreenCleanFX Liquid 1 Gallon 3600-1
GreenCleanFX Liquid 1 Gallon 3600-1

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GreenCleanFX Liquid 1 Gallon 3600-1

Fast acting algae control. GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide is a highly effective and affordable solution to algae problems that plague a wide variety of backyard water features, including ornamental ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountains. As an EPA-registered algaecide, it is compliant with the USDA National Organic Program regulations, making it safe for use in water features containing fish, plants, and other aquatic life.

  • Breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no residuals
  • Prevention and control of string algae and single-cell algae (Pea Soup)
  • Reduces organic build-up and odors
  • Fish, pet and family friendly when used as directed

Treatment Dosage
  • 50 gal. 2 tsp.
  • 500 gal. 3.4 ounces

  • Apply early in the morning under sunny, calm conditions.
  • Measure the pH of water before treatment. If pH is below 7.0, adjust the water pH to between 7.0 and 8.0.
  • Distribute recommended dose as evenly as possible to several areas around the pond so product evenly disperses. It may also be mixed in a bucket of pond water and evenly distributed around the pond.
  • Do not shut off pump(s) or aeration device(s); aeration must be continuous during treatment for 48 hours.
  • Repeat dose every 3 days until algae is under control.
  • Removing excessive algae growth will reduce the amount of decaying organic matter in the pond.