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Aquatic Plant Delivery and Planting Service 20 mile radius Berkley, MA
Aquatic Plant Delivery and Planting Service 20 mile radius Berkley, MA
Aquatic Plant Delivery and Planting Service 20 mile radius Berkley, MA

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Aquatic Plant Delivery and Planting Service 20 mile radius Berkley, MA

Aquatic Plant Delivery and Planting Service

Water Gardens with fish and plants is art, full of life.

Water gardens are aquatic biological ecosystems which receive nutrients in the form of fish food, fish waste, and decaying plant materials. Excess nutrients lead to poor water conditions, and compromised fish and aquatic life health. We offer placement service of Aquatic Plants to keep your pond looking beautiful, using plants to take up extra nutrients.

Plants must be pre-ordered and paid for, either in person, by phone or ordered through this website to ensure we will be ready to schedule your service.

Scheduled planting visit:
In advance, we will recommend plants, reviewing plant habits and requirements with you.
  • Before our scheduled service, we will recommend products to protect plants from fish damage.
  • We will recommend appropriate aeration pump and aeration diffuser(s). Dissolved oxygen is needed for all aquatic life, including aquatic plants.
  • During our service, we will test and record all water parameters.
    • Dissolved Oxygen.
    • pH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, phosphates.
    • We will recommend products to use when KH, pH, Ammonia, Nitrites or Phosphates are detected.
  • Trim and fertilize aquatic plants
    • There will be a charge for each pond tab used.
  • Will use pond tools to remove debris from your pond.
    • Dechlorination products will be used if you are using municiple water.
      • There will be a charge for the products used and the balance of the product will be left with you along with instructions for use when adding water from your faucet.
  • We take extra care to preserve as much of the original environment during the plant placement process to alleviate stress to the fish and aquatic animals in your pond. Proper care when handling your water plants and pond fish are our top priority.

Charges for Labor and Materials:

  • Estimated man hours for this work is four (4) man-hours at $71.25 per hour per person, including travel time and mileage.
    • Typically, we have a two-person team.
  • Additional charges will be incurred if we need to work longer hours or return to finish the job.
  • When our total man work hours is less than 4 hours, your bill will be reduced accordingly.
    • Our minimum labor charge is two (2) man hours.
  • Additional charges for products (planting supplies) will be added to your final invoice.

This Aquatic Plant Service is a 20 Mile Radius Service Area (Berkley, MA). Service beyond this area is possible however we will need to adjust our rates accordingly.

  • We will inspect your GFCI before starting work on your pond.
  • For safety of our workers, we require all pond equipment be connected to working Human-Grade Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) outlets before we service your pond. If we determine GFCI is not operating, we will charge for our travel and mileage and will need to reschedule our maintenance after the electrical requirements are met.
  • GFCI extension cords are not appropriate solutions and are only temporary solutions to appropriate GFCI outlets.
  • Always use a licensed electrician to troubleshoot and repair your GFCI outlets.