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Japanese Bred Koi:

Selecting Koi without an appointment can be time consuming.

Please be aware that we are a small business with very limited staff. With that said, we have decided it is time to let customers select their koi at the tanks without selecting individual fish through our website. This will free up our staff to perform other much needed tasks.

We will take group photos and videos of each tank so you will have an idea what fish may be available in each tank and the price tag for each fish in that tank.

It is possible you will need to wait while we finish up with customers before you. We apologize for the possible long wait times you may experience

You may opt to setup a Personal shopping appointment which is done by using our online calendar to setup an appointment.

Types of fish we sell

We sell only Japanese Bred Koi.

Per Massachusetts law, Catfish, Hi-Fin Shark and other "pond fish" are not legal to possess or sell in Massachusetts.

Click HERE to read the Massachusetts law:

..."Aquarium Trade Fish means those freshwater fish which cannot survive year-round in a wild environment above 30º north latitude (approximately from Jacksonville, FL west to Ensenada, CA) or below 30º south latitude (approximately from Puerto-Alegre, Brazil west to La Serena, Chile). Notwithstanding the foregoing, aquarium trade fish shall also include the goldfish (Carassius auratus), koi or Japanese carp (Cyprinus carpio), and guppies (Poecilia spp.), but shall not include tilapia (Tilapia spp.) which require a permit."...

All sales are final.

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Japanese Bred Koi Tank 6 Group Japanese Bred Koi Tank 6 Group LOCAL PICK UP ONLY
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