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2019 Pond Estimates and Consultation Charge
2019 Pond Estimates and Consultation Charge
2019 Pond Estimates and Consultation Charge

Base Price: $75.00

Availability:: In Store Consultation Only
Product Code: 20192057005


2019 Pond Estimates and Consultation Charge

We love helping our customers and often spend hours with each customer, discussing how to improve the problems with their current ponds, how to cure fish illnesses, how to build a new pond, water safety and aquatic plant information.

Our estimates include detailed lists of products and the specifications to make your purchase worry free.

In the past, we have provided free estimates to our valued customers, many of whom place their purchases with us.

  • All of our customers will experience the following:
    • Excellent customer service and assistance with all product warranty issues purchased with us.
    • Complete list of products with instructions, including manufacturer specifications and copy of user manuals
    • Complete list for proper product usage per the manufacturer instructions, including dosages, where applicable.
    • Follow up on our recommendations.

We do want all our customers, new and existing, to shop where it is best for them. We hope our personal and professional experience benefits you as your make your purchases with us.

  • While everyone enjoys the ease of 3rd party shopping, it should be noted, many manufacturers are not obligated to warranty their products sold on 3rd party sites like eBay and Amazon. Wherever you purchase, please think about future warranty service with that specific seller.
  • Contact the manufacturer to verify the seller is authorized and the product warranty is valid when purchased on a 3rd party site, like Amazon or eBay.
    • Before purchasing, ask the seller for their policy to help you with future warranty issues or product information.
      • Some 3rd party sellers are not authorized to sell products they offer.
      • Some 3rd party sellers offer products they did not acquire from the manufacturer or authorized distributor.

    Please note:
    • Consultations are made by appointment; outside our normal store operating hours.
      • For consultations at your pond, additional charges may apply (travel time and mileage).
    • Up to One-Hour Consultation per order.